Universal O2 Simulator Advanced

Universal O2 Simulator Advanced Universal O2 Simulator Advanced Universal O2 Simulator Advanced

Universal O2 Simulator Advanced

Part #: 2812

Part #: o2

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Universal O2 Simulator Advanced

Universal Oxygen Sensor Tuning Simulator ChipVer2 with Built-in Heater Sim

Manufactured in US, Worldwide Fast shipping!!!


  1-wire or 2-wire O2 sensor 3-Wire or 4-wire O2 Sensor


Complete Removal

Partial Removal          


Hack O2 concentration signal, use factory heater element signal, can still eliminate cel

V2(This Product)

Complete Removal
Complete Removal

If your engine is V6 / V8 / V10, you may need TWO O2 Sensor Simulators!!!

What's the Benefits? 

Improve fuel economy and performance, eliminate CEL

If you are using racing header, straight pipe, or there is simply something wrong with your catalytic converter, this is the product for you. You may have CEL on with P0420 and / or P0430 code.    

Without the simulator,  the car is operating in safe mode and performance is greatly compromised. Adding this simulator will fully unleash the potential of your aftermarket parts, usually more than 30HP!!!

Advantages of our product 

Compared to other vendors, our oxygen sensor simulator is probably the least expensive you can find. Even at such low price, quality is never compromised. Our simulators are far superior to competitors.    

1. We use intergrated micro controller to fabricate genuine O2 sensor simulator. The sim will generate exactly the same wave pattern as your factory O2 sensor does.   

2. We use surface mount technology (SMT). Surface mount electrical components are  less prone to external damage than through-hole ones and offer far better reliability.

3. We use batch fabricated printed circuit board (PCB). Thanks to the compact size of surface mount components, same functionality can be achieved by our truly tiny (1" x 1") PCB. Compare to hand-made products, our PCB can sustain more heat cycles, vibrations and severe environment.  

4. We use highest quality potting compound and box to package our products. The best potting compound can seal your oxygen sensor simulator to water, dust, and acids.    

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How to Install it?

Easy installation, Detailed installation instruction will be included in the Package  

Installation is easy and within 10 minutes. Detailed installation instruction will be attached for reference.    

Customized oxygen sensor simulator 

We offer standard oxygen sensor simulator with continuous flipping: 3.3sec at 0V and 3.3sec at 0.7V when car is not running; 3.3sec at 0V and 3.3sec at 0.9V when car is running, typical current under 10mA. It is compatible with most vehicles. However, customized oxygen sensor simulators can be ordered. Please send email after bidding and specify your desired timing and voltage. Please allow up to 4 business days before the shipping of customized simulator.    

Return policy

We stand behind our product! Each product will be individually tested before shipping to guarantee the highest quality. Defective product will only be exchanged, no refund. Return of non-defective item will be charged 20% restocking fee. Customized simulators cannot be returned except for defect.